rolling tears watching you curious

2nd ice cream [Video]

Oh wow, I never thought this job is really tiring. Ow.. The civilians said, this would be huge number of people coming into this place. I didn't even noticed.

Anyway, I said this before and I would like to say this again, welcome to Paradise. Auch... Okay, my movement started to get rusty. Does anyone got any lubricating oil here?

And Miku, oni-chan is in deep trouble...

I can't move my legs. I think the screw looses or something.
rolling tears watching you curious

1st ice cream [Video]

[The video feeds on, and reveals a man with Miku in the background. The location is easily to tell by looking at few instruments and CDs.]

Hey everyone, I just got here since yesterday. I'm sure you guys won't recognize me because of this new derp face, so I'm going to introduce myself.

My name is Kaito and as you can see, I'm certainly with Miku. [Glances on his back, as Miku keeps herself busy with the stuffs.] We're siblings... not really but you could say that. I'm her lovely big bro here, so it's pleasure to meet you all.

[He lowers his voice, not letting Miku hears what he's trying to say.]

About yesterday uh... Miku was pretty down, wasn't it? But don't worry about it too much. I'll handle her staring today. For those who took care of her for several months while I was gone, I would like to say thank you. I really, really appreciate it.